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Agro Tour: USD 5*, includes a local guide with experience on local plants and farming.  Duration: 1.5 hours.

It is possible to combine with other tours of Hotel Villa Paraiso

Our Mountain Farm is devoted to sustainable production and the protection of our natural resources.  It's strategic location features a spectacular view of the Concepcion Volcano and the Istiam River.  An adobe cabin with thatched palm roof and solar electricity offers a welcoming and environmentally friendly setting.  The cabin is surrounded by a garden with plants native to the region that attract numerous species of butterflies and hummingbirds.

Over 200 petroglyphs have been inventoried here at the foot of the Maderas Volcano and are waiting to be visited.  Adventure excursions are possible to the Maderas Valcano lagoon with its cloud forest, to coffee fields and the Maderas Lookout.  The excursions take between two and eight hours and are a paradise for bird lovers.


Breakfast: USD 5*
Lunch and Dinner: at the El Porvenir Lodge, a 10-minute walk from the cabin.  USD 7.50*

Double cabin with private bath, kitchen (gas stove available, basic kitchen utensils), dining room, living room, and a terrace with hammock that offers an unforgettable view. 

USD 68 per night.

Coffee Fields: USD 10* (minimum two persons).
Duration: 2.5 hours

Lookout with an incredible view of the isthmus and Concepcion Volcano:

USD 15* (minimum two persons). Duration: 4 hours

Maderas Volcano: US $25*
Includes Spanish speaking guide, entrance fee, food and drinking water.
Duration: 8 hours

Petroglyphs: USD 10* minimum two persons.  Includes a guide who is an expert on petroglyphs (Prof. Hamilton Silva).

Coffee Fields and Lookout: combined visit to the lookout in the morning and on the return trip visit the coffee fields or vice versa.  Includes guide, drinking water, entrance fees and a taste of coffee.

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